Sunday, May 07, 2017

The new French president is younger than me

I feel old.

The new elected French president is younger than me, only 39 years old.

 A historical high score against the rival : 65% vs 35%. For the first time the traditional strong political parties from the right and left wings were left out in the final.

8,8% of blank vote, that shows how many French felt unsatissfied with the final two candidates.

I watched the final debate between the two candidates. Once again I admire the system, having the candidates talking about their programs, defend their ideas and attack their rival. You need to be excellent in public speaking at least to be able to be the candidate.

Anyway, I don't remember much of the debate, the few things I recall was:
- The "taxe d'habitation", one kind of local tax will be cancelled
- There will be fewer students in each class in the elementary schools, like 12 per students instead of 20++ today.

Hope for a better France, especially in terms of security.