Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cold outdoor, warm indoor

It is snowing outdoor.

But we are overwhelmed with love.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

11 months

Less than one month to go and she will be 1 year old! We are eager to celebrate the first Christmas with her.

New food introduced this month: pumpkin and caramel, surely she is a kid who doesn't refuse sweet stuffs. A headache for us though when feeding her in this chair...

She won't want to sit still and keep standing up and moving left right! She takes longer time to finish her meal now.

There is something about the washing machine that she loves: getting out the laundry and throwing them on the floor :-(

She is also curious what is inside the machine.

First thing in the morning when she walked into the living room: grabbed the bread on the table that her daddy claimed belongs to him.

To compensate daddy's lost, we went to get breakfast for him: a fresh out of oven pain au chocolat, sent directly to the bed by Aelig.

Having a walk outside in the cold weather. She could stand up by herself now without having to hold on to anything first in order to stand up.

Highlight of the month: she started walking 5 days before she turned 11 months! She was with her daddy and great-grandma when suddenly she was walking 11 steps. Even since then she keeps walking and doesn't crawl as much. How long will it take before this girl running around in the apartment and dressing her becomes impossible?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

99 euros Paris Orly - Malaysia

In October 2009 Air Asia annouced that they got the landing rights in Paris. This is for real as they are selling the ticket online now for 99 euros one way from Paris Orly to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, or RM499 KL - Paris Orly. Good deal eh!

The trick is, you need to book between 22 Nov to 24 Nov and travel between 14 Feb to 10 Nov 2011. From what people told me, to grab the promotion, you need to be perseverance to try their website constantly during these 3 days.

Still, 200 euros round trip Paris-KL, is a steal.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Who is Yujin?

On the way to work yesterday I heard this on the radio:

Yujin needs to be proud of himself since in his country kids know how to make shoes at 4 years old. During the exchange, Nicolas won because he got 4 bags of potatoes and Yujin only got 2 Louis Vuitton bags.

The host kept going on about Yujin so I looked at hubby and had this conversation:

Me: Who is Yujin?
Him: The president of China.
Me: But his name is Hu Jintao!
Him: hmmmmm

I thought for a while, then I realize that it is very easy to make this type of mistake because:
1. The French do not pronounce H, so Hu becomes U.
2. Since the Chinese put their family name first followed by the given name, for the host Hujin = First name, Tao = Last name.

So the next time you see a French talks to a Chinese and the French says something about Yujin, don't be surprised to see a blank face on the Chinese. :-)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Strike, demonstration and fall

I always thought that strike means a group of people who decided to stop working for a short period of time and would demonstrate in front of their work place. Such was the case of my company a while back and some of my coworkers appeared in the front page of a local newspaper. However, that was it, there was not much buzz in the air since it didn't give much pain to people most of the people didn't even notice it.

In France, a successful strike means getting a lot of attentions especially from the media. People who work in service have edge advances in this because when they don't work, it directly affects the citizen. Example people who work in public transport system, garbage collectors, teachers... Nobody will notice or give a buzz if I go on strike since my action would not directly influence their life.

In this photo one of the high schools in Nantes was blocked for several days.

Some students were gathered outside of the school, I wonder where did the others go, they probably stayed home watching TV?

Garbage collectors were on strike, there were rubbish everywhere.

When the refineries were blocked many gas stations were running out of gas. When people got wind of one station that remained open, they rushed to fill some gas.

Something that I didn't expect: the park across our apartment complex was closed due to the social movement. I went there on Saturday morning as I wanted to show Aelig some fall colors.

Could only took some photos outside the park.

Now I remember why we fall in love with this apartment, we have the perfect view of the season changes directly from our living room.

I love fall, but it is a season full of strike and demonstrations.