Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Zidane headbutted Materazzi

This was the first time I watched and followed the world cup. I didn't understand why people "workship" Zidane so much, but after a while I realised that the French relied on him a lot to win the games.

In the final France Vs Italy, we were in the music festival, watching from a giant screen. When Zidane headbutted Materazzi, everybody was shocked and asked why he did that.

I think he deserved the red card for his action. However, should Materazzi be left out by insulting him? Should Materazzi still be considered a hero, if his winning came from using dirty trick? For me, Materazzi is not better than Zidane in this game.

I always thought that sport is not all about winning but it involves sportmanship. I think I'm wrong. Afterall, winning is the most important thing and you can use whatever tools/tactics to gain it. Many people commented that this is just pure "word exchange" and is "very common" in football, where Zidane lost by stepping into the trap set by the Italians.

I didn't know that football is that dirty. When I watched badminton, if the party who lost throw their racket away, he or she is considered "not gentleman". It seems that in football it's 1000 times worst!

What can Zidane do actually in that situation? Can he complaint to FIFA after? FIFA must be very busy with all these complaints if these kinds of insults are common in football games.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Music festival in Terre Neuvas

The first weekend of July, we went to a 3 days music festival, attended by almost 40,000 people, and around 40-50 groups and individual performers. We camped in the site and had meals in the festival scenes. We were not allowed to bring in camera so all photos are taken from ouest-france.fr.

Wampas. He is a weird performer, he actually put mud all over himself.

Patrice, a nice raggie performer.

Little Richard from US. Rock and Roll.

This band actually won the Eurovision Song Festival this year. They are all on costumes and masks.

Indochine. A famous band in France.

Benebar. I like his songs.

Bonnie Tyler. She doesn't sing as well as when she was younger.

Chuck Berry. A very humble and talented singer.

Look at the crowd!

Malaysia in May

I went back to Malaysia in May and stayed there for one month. With all the help from my family members, I managed to have my sijil bujang done in one week and then sent it to the Embassy of Malaysia in Paris. Before I got back to France, my boyfriend's family received the certificate de celibataire and the certificat de coutoume. So, the civil marriage is set to go.

This time back home, I managed to get highspeed internet connection at home. So much convenient. While updating my boyfriend about the progress I made for the marriage here at home, my main activity was shopping eating shopping eating. My sisters and aunt took turn to drive me around. First look for the wedding ring, then the gown. After visiting several bridal shops, I managed to buy one day gown and one night gown. The ring is on hold as we won't need it until next year.

My eating trip was again fabulous. However, I felt that I prefer more and more to eat homemade meal then going outside. The comfort at home is incredible. Everyday I woke up, breakfast was prepared. Came back from shopping, just watched TV until dinner time.