Friday, March 30, 2007

Who is Mr Tom

I was in a bank. Have an appointment with Mr Tom. The conversation went this way.

"Hello, how may I help you?"
"I have an appointment with Mr Tom."
"I'm sorry, but I don't know any Mr Tom here, are you sure your appointment is with our bank?"
"Yes I'm sure."

The guy went away and come back.

"I'm sorry but I really don't know any Mr Tom here."

Then he went away with his client.

Furious, I called Mr Tom. No want picked it up. I started to think that this Mr Tom doesn't exist in this bank. Call again, a guy picked up the phone, and it was the guy in front of me who was speaking!! He was in the room next to the reception, and something on his table display his name, Mr Tom.

There's no way I pronounce it wrongly, there were only 3-4 counselors in the bank. How can they don't know each other?

Thursday, March 29, 2007


We got kicked out of the French courses. It's only available for the new comers to this country and who are sent by an association who welcome the new immigrants.

So, the teachers brought in foods for lunch gathering before some of us leave.

At one point while we were eating, there were a dispute between students at the next door, and it actually became violent. Two black women were fighting and yelling in French that we don't understand.

Later we discussed about it, we have never seen French fighting like this. It's always between African. Then, some students (black from other class) were taking foods without our consent, some asked but with a very impolite way, we thought they want to hurt us.

I wonder, is one race more violent than others or it's the level of education that are responsible in this kind of situation?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Feeling the good customer services again

Yesterday I had to call US for some banking information. The phone numbers are available on the internet, and since calling from our internet provider Free is free to US, I didn't hesitate to call.

And the feeling came back. Good customer services, people are actually there to listen to the phone and answer your questions, and the service is free.

I had never called any service phone in France simply bcos it costs money. My friend used to call her internet provider and after spending money paying for many phonecalls, her problem was not solved.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Pre-wedding counselling

We were asked to attend a one day pre-wedding counselling. Overall it was good as we talked about many important topics that will somehow appear in our daily life after marriage.

There were 8 pairs of couples. The organisers said there used to have more, but it seems that more and more people choose to get married only in the town hall and not having the religious wedding.

I think this is quite similar to those wedding seminars in Malaysia, mandatory for the muslims but not non-muslims.

At one point I was bored bcos I couldn't understand well the doctor who explained about the childbirth related issues. Then during a group debate, I wish so much that I speak French like my mother tongue, as I wanted to participate but got hold off by the fluency of the language. I imagine that I will be more proactive if the counselling were taken place in English or Mandarin.

Anyway, I think every couple should go to this kind fo counselling.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Meeting a friend in Rennes

Wow, have to thanks the power of internet.

We got to know each other from internet through a Malaysian forum, and we met today for the first time!

A Malaysian, yes, you don't find them much in France. According to the Embassy, there are around 350 Malaysians in France and most of them are students from the government scolarship.

Anyway, I met up with this friend, and she cooked Malaysian foods for me!! And let me brought homes some leaveover. So cool.

She has two wonderful and charming kids, maybe it's time for me to think about a cute baby. :-)

Thanks J for this wonderful day depsite the fact that it was raining in Rennes. You have warmed my heart.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Curse of the Golden Flower

We went to watch this movie during the 3 days spring film festival. We paid 3.50 euros per person instead of 9 euros.

Overall it was a good movie, if you like "Hero", as it has the same big scenes using colourful creatures. I heard that they didn't use the digital technology to manage the film, all the scenes are real made.

What I can't stand is this: I don't think the Chinese during the Tang dynasty wear this kind of sexy dress? I have not awared in the Chinese history that servants in the palace are showing off their boobs? I thought this only happen in the European countries.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Got my driver license!

Eh, not exactly, just a temporarily license allowing me to drive legally in France, but in two months I will have the French driver license.

It's actually quite easy to do it. Just have to follow what the prefecture wants.

You need to exchange your driver license within the first year of your marriage, of course in the condition that your country is in the exchange list. If not you have to take the driving test like everyone else.

So, just give them:
1. the filled in application form
2. two photos
3. Photocopy of your driver license (it has to be valid)
4. Photococy of your carte de séjour.

And you will get:
1. A temporarily driver license

Back in two months and give/show them:
1. Your passport
2. Your previous carte de séjour (photocopy) if you have (my case was my student carte de séjour)
3. Give in your driver license from your country
4. The temporarily license

And you will get:
1. Your FRENCH driver license

It actually snowed in Nantes!

What a huge change of the weather!

This morning it was a sunny day, and I was laughing at my hubby bcos Rennes was raining. I even put "il fait beau" on my msn display name.

Then, I went out and still see some sun. Suddenly I felt drops of rain. I was lucky enough bcos I got into the tram just in time.

By the time I arrived in Commerce to change tram, I saw hails dropping. Wow. By the time I was in tram, the hails felt heavily, was so glad that I was inside the tram.

When I arrived at school, the hail stopped.

During the class, it snowed!! Wow. Some of the students got to see snow for their first time in their lifes.

Just not long before we had 23 degree celcius, and now it's 1 degree celcius.

So unpredictable.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Don't call me on Sunday

It don't know whether it applies to everyone in France, but my husband just told me that you shouldn't call people on Sunday, except family members.

It such a huge contrast to me. My MIL usually call during the weekday after my class, and I just don't like it. I just feel like taking a break.

On Saturday people are usually out for activity, so sometimes you can't get them.

Sunday is the day for me to set up appointment with friends, talk for long times, call family members. In Malaysia it's the day people do shopping but just forget it in France.

So what do you do on Sunday in France? Already I was so disappointed on Friday. I wanted to have a date with hubby, but no films in the cinema currently interested him, the one we are interested are too expensive to go. Basically weekend night can just go drinking with friends, nothing else.

What a sad life.

Friday, March 16, 2007

The modern old ladies

I was in the tram. 3 ladies were sitting beside me. They were around 50-60 years old.

And they were talking about technology! Lady A said she just bought a USB. Lady B showed them her cat through her cellphone. These two old ladies were teasing lady C because she doesn't have internet access, that she missed out all the interesting things. Lady A told lady C that lady C's son sent her a lot of interesting photos, and he was giving many good advises to her about technology devises.

Wow, I have so for taken one photo using my cellphone. I thought in France those old ladies are so old fashion that they reject cellphone, credit card and all sorts of new technologies. How wrong am I.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


These days I was so lazy that Fabien handles every meals. Poor guy have to go to work and come back cooking for his wife.

I was asking myself why I was so not motivated to cook, then I realised that I was too spoiled in Malaysia. I didn't cook any single meals during my stay there. There were always people who were willing to cook for me, to buy food for me, to bring me to restaurants.

That's something that I don't have to worry about in my country. But it's something I have to start worry about in this country.

It's hard to cook in France. You have to cook every single days or else you will have to eat kebab or sandwich or pay high price to the restaurants.

That's why the French were very happy that they got to go to restaurants whenever they want in Malaysia at affordable price. Each time they asked to go to mamak store for breakfast or lunch or dinner, they were amazed at the crowd eating out, a small luxury of Malaysian.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When you don't know what they are saying

This morning I was having some flashbacks about my wedding. It reflected all the horribles mistakes and missunderstandings during the ceremony.

First, I lost the gloves and a bag that go with the gown. Too bad, but I was very patient. Only on my last day in Malaysia preparing the suitcases, I found them. At least I can still wear them for my Sept wedding in France.

Then, I heard the phone keep ringing, and my mother was crazily looking for something. Then I realised that my third sister was yelling that Fabien doesn't have a bouquet and it was time for him to come fetch me! I quickly told my mother that I have personally put the bonquet in the wedding car and they should have it.

It was a chaos with people get mad at the bad organization.

Only after the ceremony, I heard the story from my sister:
My MIL was holding the bonquet which was wrapped in a plastic bag, and went with my brother in laws who drove the wedding car to Fabien's temporilary lodging.
When she arrived, she simply put the bonquet aside without telling everyone.
They then happily took pictures with Fabien.
Then it was time to go, my sister who was helping Fabien didn't see the bouquet and she got panicked. She called my mother several times and eventually we told her that it was with the wedding car, but she still couldn't find it.
And all these times, my MIL couldn't understand what they were saying, just happily be with her son.
Then, the videoman said he remembered seeing the French lady bringing a plastic bag, so it could be the bouquet. And finally they found it!

Imagine if they understand each other, all these chaos would have been avoided.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Day 25: The Wedding

20.2.07 is our wedding day in Malaysia. It was a sunny day.

Fabien is getting ready to go to my house.

He arrived at my house. My nephew opened the car door for him. In return he needs to give him an ang pao.

He is waiting outside with his supporters.

He is going upstair to get me with his friends.

I'm waiting inside the room for my prince charming to pick me up.

There are some barriers for him to pass through, with his friends' help.

My sister and nieces have created a chamber of toiture, this is one of the toiture for him: breads with wasabi and some unknown ingredients.

He's thinking hard on how to response to some of the questions posted to him, it's just too hard!

He wrongly answered one of the question and his friends have to suffer for him. haha


His supporters got a bit upset...

No choice but have to take up the punishment: eating jelly that they hate the most...

He looks confident tough...

Impatient to see his bride, they push through...

And they won!

We finally got to see each other.

We are the stars of the day.

Tea ceremony for my family side.

Going to the groom's temporarily house.

His brother opened the car door and received angpao.

Tea ceremony for his family.

Photo shooting in the room with the guests. Due to privacy issue I'm relunctant to realise the photos with guests.

Tasting the sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, tastes that we will have to face in our marriage life.

See how hot is it for him? Poor groom.

Went photo shooting in a park. It was too hot that we didn't stay long.

It's in the tradition the groom throw the bride's veil to signify the beginning of their new life.

The wedding went smoothed, thanks to the helps from everybody who have contributed, attended and helped out in this wedding! Billion thanks to everyone!

Friday, March 09, 2007

The Wedding Car

Normally the wedding car decoration is included in the whole wedding package you get from the bridal shop. But since I bought the gowns instead of renting them, I didn't manage to get any packages. The car deco job was then assigned to the guys while the girls were doing their last minute shopping before the wedding.



I think they did a good job. Their reward was...

Fresh sugar can that they won't get in France.

Lion Dance

I got so lost on the way back from Putrajaya, luckily we didn't miss the lion dance, invited by one of my neighbore.

The lion signifies strong and forces, so inviting them into your house can chase away all the bad lucks and bad influences in your house.

The lion gave away a couple of number combination for my neighbore to buy loto. I heard that his wife won some money in which she spent it to buy a roasted pork for the 8th day of celebration.

A lion dance will not be completed without the red fire cracker.

The French trying out the lions.

Day 24: Putrajaya

It was a raining day when we visited the Putrajaya, the new government administration center. There are lots of buildings with islamic architecture.

The prime minister office: Perdana Putra

A mosque

A bridge that links two sides of Putrajaya.

The Putra mosque in pink.

Visitors have to cover themselves up in pink.

Another administrative building.

Chinese New Year Decorations

Red is the colour for Chinese New Year.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day 23: Chinese New Year

It's the day to say Gong Xi Fa Chai to everyone! It must be interesting for the French to receive some ang pao (those who are not married) or distributing some ang pao (those who are married).

The day started with some games. It's in the Chinese tradition to gamble duirng Chinese New Year, a bad tradition I will say. Anyway, the French are reasonable enough to not fall for this tradition. They simply play without gamble.

My family presented the Chinese New Year card as a souvenir to the guests.

Today's program is the cultural tour to the Malay village, where my aunt is living. Some of them are really impressed by the vegetations.

My cousin was showing the guests around the area, including the palm tree.

The palm tree seeds.

A modern Malay house.

A traditional Malay house.

The star fruits.

Mango tree.

Coffee seeds, my cousin was in the coffee making industry.

We went to a beach nearby my uncle's house.

Our final destination was Dong Chan temple. It was having it's annual lantern and flowers festival.

The pagoda.

Buddha on light.

A praying ceremony.

Million thanks to my cousins who were showing us around areas, take the time to explain us the coffee processing, the plantations, and leading us to the temple. My sense of direction is so lousy that without them, this trip would have taken longer time.