Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Weekend Visit

My bf's parents come for visit this weekend.
His father was installing the cabinet he gave us, and building a nice spot in the kitchen for dish preparation.
I felt this guy is a genius.
He is an engineer, but he involved in building his own house, he built cabinet and some furnitures, he grows vegetables and fruits in his garden.
Conclusion, his wife is living in heaven. :-)

They arrived in the Friday evening. I prepared the red-cooked pork using slow cooker I brought from Malaysia. They got to see how useful a slow cooker and a rice cooker are. We ate the dinner with champagne.

After the dinner, we went to downtown for a walk. His father took lots of nice pictures.

On Saturday morning, before I waked up, his father already started installing the cabinet.
I prepared roti canai for them. I bought the frozen roti from the nearby Asian shop, and cooked the kua according to my mother's recipe. They liked it.

My boyfriend and his father went out to buy some equipment to build a space in the kitchen to prepare dish. I showed his mother my friend's wedding through a CD. She was asking lots of questions. She was amazed that Malaysian do not have the registration on the same day of wedding.

We went for a day tour to Nantes. We visited my university, then walked along the garden nearby. It was a nice walk.

I cooked fried rice for them for dinner. This time we matched the rice with some French wine and salad. They ate some cheese with the bagette.

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