Sunday, July 16, 2006

Music festival in Terre Neuvas

The first weekend of July, we went to a 3 days music festival, attended by almost 40,000 people, and around 40-50 groups and individual performers. We camped in the site and had meals in the festival scenes. We were not allowed to bring in camera so all photos are taken from

Wampas. He is a weird performer, he actually put mud all over himself.

Patrice, a nice raggie performer.

Little Richard from US. Rock and Roll.

This band actually won the Eurovision Song Festival this year. They are all on costumes and masks.

Indochine. A famous band in France.

Benebar. I like his songs.

Bonnie Tyler. She doesn't sing as well as when she was younger.

Chuck Berry. A very humble and talented singer.

Look at the crowd!

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