Sunday, December 14, 2008


Last weekend I invited my coworker over to visit Nantes. She is an expatriate and will be staying in France for two months. Most of the time she is in Rennes so it would be nice to visit around. At the end of the visit, she concluded that Nantes is more beautiful than Rennes and most of her friends feel the same (from the photos she posted online). Well, I don't know whether Nantes is prettier but her visit has made me realized that Nantes is indeed a scenic city. I regret so much that I didn't make my own family visit this city due to their hectic schedule.

One of her comments was that Nantes has so many places to walk around. True, this ancient mansion is just 5 minutes walk from my apartment.

Another ancient building, or should we call it a castle?

The architecture of the Brittany castle.

This park is situated just across the street of our apartment complex.

Since 2007 the walking elephant has become an attraction in Nantes. It was a beautiful day so this elephant was out for a walk.

I love his eyes, so "lifely".

The "Passage Pommeraye" is well decorated and is filled with Christmas spirit.

The tranquil Erdre river, quoted by the French king François I as the most beautiful river in France.

Nantes downtown is lit up with colorful lighting. It was crowded with people hunting for Christmas gifts or simply going out for a walk.

The Christmas market. It could not be compared to the Christmas market in Alsace, and I was disappointed that they didn't have hot apple juice. Most of the stuffs here are expensive so I was never keen to buy anything here.

Nantes is indeed beautiful isn't it?

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