Monday, May 24, 2010

5 months old: like father like daughter

My baby is 5 months old today. How time flies.

Most of the people commented that she looks more Asian than French, which I totally agreed. When she was born, she didn't look like hubby at all, someone said she is Bee No 2 with her almond eyes and pear shape nose. We joked that people might think hubby adopted her if he goes out with her alone.

5 months passed by and her features changed. Me and hubby think that her face starts to resemble hubby little by little. Browsing through hubby's baby photos we found that she has the same smile as hubby, just look at this photo.

Everyone says she has slanted eyes but our grandma disagreed. Well, my eyes are smaller but she certainly has my shapes.

We will see whether she will show more European features next month.


  1. I really like your blog... do you mind if I add you to my favourite blogs???


  2. From what I see, asian genes are really strong and you can't tell easily if someone is asian or eurasian at the first generation (well, from an european eye, maybe it's more obvious to an asian eye).
    So it's likely that Aelig main features will remain asian.

    Except of course those beautiful blue eyes :)

  3. Lucas was more asian than european but lately his features have changed to be more mixed looking... anyway, whenever Lucas goes out with his papa, they always get double looks. Once, someone even said to Fred "Oh, you adopted a Vietnamese baby?" !!!!!

  4. Hi Bruno,
    Sure you can add my blog to your list.

    Not sure if those blue eyes will last.

    Do Lucas have blue eyes? So features change even during todderhood?

  5. I find that Aelig has a mix look of Asian & French. Victoire however looks more Asian than mix. Victoire has black hair with brown highlights. :)