Sunday, August 29, 2010

8 months + 5 days

During the week after putting Aelig to sleep, I'm usually exhausted, thus didn't manage to post when Aelig turned 8 months. Trying to catch up here by summarizing her achievements and milestones from 7 to 8 months.


So far, she has tried:
Ham, sausage, potato, carrot, zucchini, leek, eggplant, melon, banana, strawberry, apple and plum. She accepted all of them even though sometimes her face expression showed that she didn't really enjoy them. This photo shows the strawberry banana combo hubby prepared for her.

Hubby brought her to pick some strawberry. She ate several, here is the proof!

Movements & positions

She could sit still without support now. This photo was taken during our day trip to Pont Aven. We were picnicking with friends and she was playing alone.

She loves playing in the garden. I can see that she is an outdoor girl.

We could now go shopping with her since she could sit well in the shopping cart.

Shortly after she managed to sit in a balance way, she discovered that she could turn to her stomach and raise both her hands and legs. Since then she has lost patient in sitting, as soon as we put her on the floor she moves on to the crawling positing.

And now she wants us to give her our hand to support her standing up. I love the moment when she takes my hands and looks at me anticipating me lifting her up.

This weekend she found her way to be on her knee in her crib. She is very happy with this new position. Now I'm worried, how long will it take before she figures out how to climb out from the crib and....fall?

Sleeping pattern
The first week we put her in her own room, she was sleeping well but still woke up around 4am for feeding. The second week I believed she was being disturbed by the new skills and positions she acquired, as she woke up frequently on her crawling position, crying. Last week, she slept through the night most of the time, woke up once at 5am and once at 6am, and went right back to sleep after feeding.

I'm proud and elated at all her achievements. I keep reminding myself that I need to treasure the time with her since she is growing so fast, very soon she will move around all over the place and we have not done anything to childproof our apartment yet. It is time for action!

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