Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our first gift to Aelig

I just realized, that we had not bought any toy to Aelig. Well, she got some from friends and relatives, plus passed down toys from her dad. So, overall, she has a lot of toys to play with.

Since she walks now, we decided to buy her a baby cart. She could put all her toys inside and wander around with it. We could put her in and push her around in the apartment. I also love the colorful design.

We consider it as her Christmas gift but I could not wait until Christmas, so as soon as we received it (we ordered from internet), I asked hubby to assemble it and immediately let her played with it. She was not too keen at the beginning, but now we see her playing from time to time.


  1. Is the opened PC box at the back part of the toys her dad passed down to her ?
    Not that it would be very surprising.


  2. Takes a geek to notice that opened case at the back :)

    As of today it remains mine except for the CD/DVD players and especially their open/close buttons that are very intriguing toys :)