Saturday, October 01, 2011

Laser eye surgery: Preparation

After signing the contract agreeing to perform this surgery, I had been waiting for the big day to come. I needed to take / apply some medicines before surgery:

1. Naviblef
I had to wash my eyelids with this product 4 days before the surgery, morning and night, to prevent inflammation.

2. Ciloxan Collyre
Took a drop the night before and on the day of the operation. It is one kind of antibiotic to post surgery problems.

3. Lexomil
This is the prevent anxiety, to be taken one hour before the surgery.

Ok, I thought about not taking the Lexomil as I was not anxious at all. Then I told myself what a waste since I already bought it. It actually gave me dizziness.

I was mentally prepared for this surgery. I read about the risks but also some testimonies of people who just went through it. Some just walked out of the surgery room and immediately see things clearly without their glasses. I didn't expect this but, hubby sent me a note saying that he was anxious. Ehmm, how come he was more anxious than me???

There was one thing that I was slightly worried: the doctor might not have much experience dealing with Asian eyes. Well, I was worried about the same things when I got my wisdom teeth taken out and during the labor, but everything went well. This time should be ok as well, at least that was what I thought...


  1. Your medication and mine differs alot. I did LASIK and all I was given 1 month before the surgery was a vitamin, eye lid cleanser and 2 type of eye drops - one for the day time and the other is only before I go to sleep.

    After the surgery, 2 medical eye drops to be taken every 4 hours and the other one was just normal eyedrops taken in between.

  2. Hi Lissa,

    Thanks for sharing. Wow you started taking medicine one month before the surgery?

  3. Hey, sorry for not noticing your reply.

    Yeah, I took medicated/antibiotic eye drops for a month. And I read through your whole other processes. Well, I also spent the hours after the surgery sleeping. My eyes kept wanting to close itself (plus one of them had this horrible scratchy feeling that irritated me to no end). The next day, my eyes are ok but I had to wear sun glasses even in door since we have big windows and it was quite bright for me. I did the check up for the eye the next day as my doctor wanted to see how I fare for 24 hours.

    Right now, I still take eye drops. 2 medicated eye drops for at least, 3 times a day, and one for the dryness that I have. I will have to see the doctor again in November for another check up.

    Oh, the eye protector is huge even for me. I use it under the eye mask so it doesn't move around too much.