Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Giant Grandma in Nantes

Last weekend the Royal de luxe, the French mechanical marionette street performing art company is back in Nantes. 

This year they created a new member : a giant grandma with her affectious smile.

The event lasted for three days. The weather was coperating so it attracted a large crowd.

She moved very slowly as each movement was coordinated by real humans. Sometimes she had to avoid power lines or trees so the coordinators had to bench down her wheel chair or her body.

It was a nice weekend to go out in family to enjoy the weather. In fact, we went out everyday from Saturday to Monday (Public Holiday).


  1. Anonymous4:41 AM

    I think my parents went to see it. Well, they live downtown so they must have.

    I love the Royal de Luxe, when they started in the 1990s it was a real treat for us kids.

  2. What a huge grandma! The children must love her! Glad to hear you are having nice weather over there. Here it is too hot outside and people are hiding in cool aircon rooms.