Saturday, July 19, 2014

They don't drink water

My family in Malaysia emphasis a lot in drinking water. Since the weather is hot and humid there, we need to make sure we drink enough to keep ourselves hydrated. By drinking water I mean pure lukewarm water, not soda or fruit juices. Kids bring their own bottle to school. Some adults have a bottle in the car. The water has to be boiled or filtered before drinking though.

Things are very different in France. I know of some people who do not drink pure water. They drink coffees, tea, soft drinks, juices or wines. And they insist that these are sufficient. Some also think that lukewarm water is not healthy for the body, so they drink cold water.

I didn't know that we could get by water. In my city we could drink water directly from the tap, so it is easy and convenient. In cities where it is not advisable to drink directly from the tap, people buy mineral water, they are quite cheap in general.

Here is a bottle of water provided by the maternity ward, targeting at new mother. I got one everyday (1.5L).

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  1. So nice of the maternity ward to provide the bottle of water. How long will they provide it for mothers who have just delivered their babies? One whole month?

    Yes, I heard that some Westerners do not drink plain water at all.