Thursday, October 02, 2014

French tolerance: The traveling people V - They are still here!

I got back from my maternity leaves and was surprised to discover that the traveling people invading our office's parking lot are still there. Well, according to my coworkers, they left for a few months then decided to come back. The property management has actually installed a gate with access code to prevent them from entering, but they know how to deal with gate, they are squatting where they want just like the gate never existed.

Maybe due to word of mouth, their communities are expanding, they also invaded another empty field around the office spaces.

Photo shows a worker installing fence around the area. I don't know if this will really prevent them from staying.

It is sure that their present costed some money to the property owners here.

Well, I don't think they are bothered, they actually hung some clothes on the fence!

Some wandered why the prefecture is not reacting. The prefecture is supposed to send out some polices and conduct an expulsion operation. Some thought that the prefecture chose not to act because it is better if they stay in office area instead of housing area. Offices are empty during weekends so there would be less complains.

Employees are not happy about it but we know there is nothing we can do. Once a coworker lodged a police report due to some minor physical dispute with the traveling people. He was parking his car and a young guy from the group arrived and parked his car at high speed. He nicely asked the person to play more attention, which provoked a fight and at one point he was grounded. With their children and animals running around we do not feel safe to park there anymore.


  1. By the look of the camping cars, these people are travellers (gens du voyage), and not people from Eastern Europe. This is a touchy subject. I wonder if they help themselves with electricy and water, and who is paying for this. What about the damage and sanitary conditions of the office area? I still don't understand why they would squat an office area instead of facilities that are made for travelling people.

    1. They are using fire hydrant as their water supply and electricity from the office area. The area has become filthy and messy. Well, they said there was not enough space for them in those facilities. Some facilities are in the remote areas, whereas by living in this area they can send their kids to the local schools, do their grocery nearby...

  2. How did they deal with the gate? Even a fence could not keep them out and the police is not doing anything. I wonder how your employer could manage this situation to make you all feel safer.