Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Year's Meal 2015

I'm late in posting this but I just want to record this for my personal reference in the future.

After the Christmas gatherings, me and hubby were tired and sick. We decided to stay put and celebrated the New Year with only our small family. I wanted to do something really simple, but hubby still went out for grocery and prepared us a special meal with seafood theme.

We started with appetizer, typical French toast with difference kind of spreads.

Hubby made the bottom toast himself. He then spread them with sour cream, some herbs and salmon.

French toast with crab meat spread.

French toast with fish eggs spread.

French toast with oyster spread.

Some cheese and nuts.

Non alcoholic champagne for the big day so that me and Aelig could join in.

The entrée : gambas with basilic and pin nuts.

The main dish : salmon with herbs.

Dessert : Raspberry Christmas cake.

The girls had good time playing together.

Thanks hubby for these wonderful meals and good times together.


  1. wow ... I am green with envy!! Your hubs is a gem!! the gambas with pine nuts looks delish!

    1. Are gambas expensive in your area? Here it becomes very expensive. I used to be able to find those imported from Malaysia around 6€ for 10 gambas. Now it costs around 15€ for just 8 gambas!

    2. Seafood is always expensive here, cause it is not near any ocean. Only got fresh water lake. :(

  2. I love the food in your post - sour cream, herbs and salmon sounds so tasty. I would be full after eating the appetizer alone but the gambas and main dish sound so delicious too so must also eat but I will skip dessert because too full. I don't know what gambas are, have to google for it. Did you husband prepare all those food alone? Wow!

    Your daughters look very happy in the photo. All the best to all of you in this new year of 2015!

  3. Gambas is the French word for Tiger prawn. I helped him with some spread, he did the remaining.

  4. Is this a meal for 2 grown ups and Aelig? you guys have a big appetite. We had homemade sushis for our meal.