Wednesday, May 27, 2015

She wants 5 kids

One day, my 5 year old told me that she would like to have 5 kids.
She would have three pregnancies.
First pregnancy would bear boy girl twins.
Second pregnancy bears a boy.
Third prenancy bears twin girls.
Total 3 girls and 2 boys.
And her sister would have 7 kids.
That means I will have 12 grandkids. Wow.

I then had an interview with her, to let her know that having 5 kids demand a lot of works.

Me: How do you handle the bath? The bathtub wouldn't be big enough to put 5 in at the same time.
Her: They would take turn to go in one by one.
Me: With 5 kids you will have to do many loads of laundry. During the evening after work, you would have to fold them, iron them, and then you would need to go inside 5 rooms to put clothes for each kid in their closet.
Her: No! There will only be one closet with 5 levels. Each kid would have one level to himself, the oldest at the top, the youngest at the lowest. When the clothes are too small for the older one, I will put them to the lower level so that the younger kids can wear them.
Me: With all the housework, most likely you will finish around midnight. You are exhausted, you go to bed, but at 5am, there is one crying and this wakes up the other 4. Now you have 5 kids crying, how would you handle this?
Her: I would tell them to go back to sleep, if they don't stop I would let them cry.
Me: But they would wake up the neigbors!
Her: But there won't be neighbors around since we will be living in a house.
Me: If all of your kids ask to have a hug at the same time, what would you do?
Her: I would ask them to make a queue, then I hug them one at a time.

It seems that she has it under control. But, life would be so simple if we could simply ask our kids to make a queue or shut up just go to bed.

I only have two kids and I have hard time handling them. 
I was cooking dinner in the kitchen while the kids were having their bath. I heard them laughing together, then at one point the younger one crying. 
Cooking interrupted, I went to the bathroom to calm them. Helped one washing her hairs, took the other out and dressed her.
Back to the kitchen, both kids were playing / messing in the living room.
Both kids crying because the younger wanted to throw everything on the floor, including what her sister was playing.
Cooking interrupted, helped one brought her games to table so that the younger one wouldn't be able to mess up her game.
Cooking resumed, the young one crawled towards me and started crying and yelling (see photo above, she would move her legs each time she protests). She wanted me to hold her. Took her with me and used one hand to cook, as soon as I put her down she cried. 
Cooking interrupted, I heated up her food and fed her.
While she was eating her bread, I finally managed to put food inside the oven.

5 kids, I couldn't imagine how my life would be.


  1. Anonymous4:40 AM

    I can't even imagine two at this stage... I like the idea of a big family when kids are more grown up. But a bunch of babies and toddlers? Er... no thanks. Maybe if I had several people around to help 24/7!

  2. I have two at the same age as yours. I have to admit, they do not interrupt me when cooking. It meant that dinner would be serve late and I would certainly be grumpy before it is all finished. So, my oldest would watch over the younger as best as her ability allows. If there were arguments, then I would holler a question from the kitchen and my daughter would try to explain, while her brother would run to me, exclaiming his sister's name. I would pat his head, or give him a hug, depending on how busy I am and tell him to mind his sister.

    As for task at home, they are required to do them. I always have to divide a simple job. He close the door, she locks it. I actually have to tell them so neither would be upset. But for her clothing, she does carry them to her room, and keep them in the appropriate drawers or wardrobe. Ironing only to be done when she is to go out.

    Honestly, they are a handful but I can deal with them easily. It is when the number 3 comes that I might have to divide myself again. I have to figure how my son would deal with his new sibling without being so jealous. He doesn't even want his sister to hug me!

  3. Your daughter's answers to your questions are very logical. She seems to have thought them through.