Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The kids love roti, but not the sauces

Growing up in France, my kids are more exposed to French food than Malaysian's, but they can accept rice, roti canai (frozen one in France), not much of rice porridge though.

So we discover food they love and food they just won't touch during this trip to Malaysia.

Last several trips, Aelig loved roti canai, bah kut teh (pork herbal soup), chicken rice, but she refused anything spicy.

The first trip for Awena, my BIL ordered a plate of cheese roti, she loved it. She asked for cheese everyday at home in France, so that is not a surprise for us.

They both love roti cheese.

Awena dipped her roti into the red chili sauce, she didn't cry, but just asking for water. I have a feeling that she could accept spicy food more than her sister.

We went for Dim Sum, but Aelig only ate dumplings, Awena didn't want to try any. At the end we ordered fried rice for them.

Hubby loved Chay Kueh Tiao and Asam Laksa, but none of the girls tried them.

Dishes during reunion lunch. Aelig didn't eat much, I added some pork sauce in her rice but she said it was spicy. It was only the ginger! Awena ate a lot of meat roll.

I brought the raclette set to my sister,  she invited her friends over to try. Aelig enjoyed it a lot. My sister also prepared steamboat for those who didn't want to eat cheese, Awena discovered fish balls, yam...

Overall, Aelig doesn't eat much in Malaysia, well she is not a big eater anyway in France. As for Awena, she discovers, she tries, she takes whatever that pleases her, including all the Chinese New Year biscuits.


  1. now i'm hungry ^^

  2. both of my kids love all the CNY biscuits! Yum!

    Happy Chinese New Year to you!