Thursday, April 07, 2016

Her bla bla bla

Awena can pronounce some words and she loves to repeat after me. It has become a game between us.

Here would be how it goes (we speak in Mandarin):

Me : Mao (cat)
Awena : Mao
Me : Ma (horse)
Awena : Ma (this is her favorite word, whenever she sees a horse in a park or on a book, she will scream this word until I repeat after her)
Me : Zhu (pig)
Awena : Zhu
Me : Ji (chicken)
Awena : Ji (there is a book with chicken shape she would yell "Ji" each time she sees it)
Me : Niu (cow)
Awena : Liu (she couldn't really pronounce it)
Me : Gou (dog)
Awena : Gou
And it continues with other animals : Yang (goat), Yu (fish), E (goose), Ya (duck), Wa (frog)...
She understands but couldn't pronounce these : Xiao Tu Zi (rabbit)...

And then I noticed this:
Me : Papa
Awena : Papa
Me : Mama
Awena : Mama
Me : Jie Jie (big sister)
Awena : Aeyi (she wanted to say Aelig)
I paused as hearing her saying Aeyi.
I repeated : Jie Jie
Awena : Aeyi
Ok now I got it, for her Big sister means Aelig, which is her big sister.
I continued : Mei Mei (younger sister)
Awena : Mei Mei
Me : Ge Ge (big brother)
Awena : Ge Ge
Me : Di Di (younger brother)
Awena : Di Di
Me : Ah Gu (uncle in Hokkien)
Awena : Ah Gu
Me : Ah Kim (uncle's wife in Hokkien)
Awena : Ah Kim
She still couldn't pronounce Wai Poh, Da Yi, Er Yi, San Yi, my other family members' name.

And then this:
Me : Xiao Xiong (her stuff animal)
Awena : Dodo (French way to call stuff animal)

So each time I say Jie Jie (big sister), she would call the name of her big sister, and when I say Xiao Xiong (her stuff animal), she would say dodo.

She can also point to her body parts when I ask her where they are, but she couldn't prononce them : Tou (head), Tou Fa (hair), Yan Jing (eyes), Er Duo (ears), Bi Zi (nose), Zui Ba (mouse), She Tou (tongue), Tu Ji (belly button), Shou (hand), Jiao (feet). She could say Bao to represent Mian Bao (bread) and Fan (rice). She says Bei (cup) when she wants to drink. Mei You (finished) when finished something.

As for songs, she likes to listen to Da Xiang (Elephane), Xiao Zhu (Little Pig), Xiao Xing Xing (Chinese version of Twinke Twinke Little Star).

In French, she could say : Pain (bread), Au revoir (goodbye), paule (épaule) (shoulder - when she wants to sit on her dad's shoulders), ballon (ball), bateau (boat), feuille (leave), main (hand - when she wants us to hold her hand). And, Noooooooooo (with her mouth stops at O shape), this is the word that she learns fast and uses often.

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  1. Anonymous1:29 AM

    We also use "dodo" at home :-) That was one of Mark's first words. Most of his first words were in Chinese actually, except for "bateau", "moon" and a few other I forgot. He still says "huai" (broken), "pa" (for scared), etc. Chinese is easy for kids, a couple of syllables!

    ... writing is another story, of course :-D