Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tough day in Nantes

Yesterday, at 7:15pm, the traffic around Nantes was horrible. Usually at this hour the traffic jams start to ease but the traffic was densed starting from 5pm all the way to 7:30pm. My coworker said he left work at 5pm, headed straight into the jams, and waited 2.5 hours until finally manage to exit where he wanted.

Look at the map, areas with red lines mean severe traffic congestion.

The causes : accident in the North, and snail operation by farmers in the West. 

Snail operation by the farmers : trucks were advancing at a snail speed, everyone was blocking behind. Farmers here do this maybe 3-4 times per year, sometimes they even have animals walking on the highways.

I don't work on Wednesdays, so I managed to avoid this. Imaging parents rushing to pick up their kids...As for hubby, he bicycles to work, as the demonstrations for the labor laws reform has been carried out nearly every Tuesday and Thursday, so certain public transport lines were cut off. 


  1. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Oh boy... What a mess! It's so easy to stop traffic in Nantes and around. I remember not being able to leave the city at all a few years ago because of a protest blocking the Pont de Cheviré!

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM

    traffic is also 'teruk' in Nantes? eh? hahhha
    not as bad as Jakarta I believe!!!
    selalu macet!