Sunday, July 10, 2016

End of extra-curriculum activities

French school systems do not make extra-curriculum activities mandatory. Most of the cultural and sportive activities are proposed by government sponsored clubs. At the beginning of school year, we went for a Clubs Open Day where most of the clubs have their own stand and you get to ask questions and make enrollment on the sport. She participated in three activities on school year 2015-2016.

The city's swimming pool proposes swimming classes starting from 6 years old. After queuing for two three hours I finally managed to enroll her; Since then except school holidays, she went once every week. We are so please to learn at the end of the school term (classes run from Sept to Jun), she swims! Not for long distance, but it was still an improvement.

She continued her Chinese classes with Hua Yuan Chinese Club.

The classes were consisted of kids at very different levels, and keeping kids focus was a huge challenges. So, she didn't improve much in terms of writings, but the main goal was for her to understand that there were people speaking Mandarin just like her.

During the Club Open Day, she saw a bunch of female roller skaters rolling in beautiful costumes. She got attracted to it and had decided to enroll. So, a successful marketing from the club.

After 9 months of training (and all the round trips sending and fetching), they made performance during a Gala.

The first dance, her group dressed in pajamas, rolling and dancing with the theme "wake up".

The second dance, they dressed as crocodile.

 Other performers dressed as pirates.

The teenager group performing.

Before this gala she told us that she didn't want to continue next year as she wanted to have an the same activity as her best friend. However, after the Gala, she changed her mind. It was fun and she enjoyed it. So, we are sticking to it.

This is something I really like about France. There are so many clubs around that you have so many choices, and they are all being held around the communities (except Chinese classes I had to go to other community as there was non in mine). And the prices, are affordable since it is sponsored by the Town Hall. I think it was around 130€ per activity per school year, and our companies participated in paying the fees. At the end, it didn't cost us much, and she was happy, and we got to know new friends. Yes even me made friends with moms who sent their kids to activities. lol.


  1. Anonymous12:36 AM

    老师是中国人! 我什么都看得懂!

    Which junior high (collège) will she go to? She can take Chinese at Jules Verne, like I did ;-)

    1. Nice you are keeping your Chinese. I can still read but for certain words I forgot how to write them. I don't think she would be going to Jules Verne as it is quite far from where we live. Most likely she would go to a high school in Saint Herblain or Trellieres.