Monday, October 03, 2016

Jumping and biking

As a toddler, Awena was too young to join any sport clubs so when Aelig was going her activities, the little sister had to follow around, watching the big sister doing roller skating, admiring the big girl jumping inside the water, or envying her play partner running around with her Chinese school classmates.

One day when waking around with her while waiting for Aelig, we ventured into a gymnasium. We saw kids jumping around and it intrigued her to try. I didn't think it was possible as I thought she was too young. By chance, I talked to a coworker who happened to be a committee in that sport club, and she told me that they accept any kids that walk for their baby gym program. 

I immediately signed her up. So one Saturday morning, I sent her to try out the class. She refused the concept but as soon as she entered the gymnasium, she wanted to participate, eager to try out every equipment. So did Aelig, she was jumping on the trampoline but quickly she was asked to come down. This time she was the one accompanying, waiting for her little sister, before her Chinese class starts.

I thought I have time to send Aelig to her classroom just two minutes away, but I was told that I have to be with Awena during the whole session. So I ask for help. Her teacher would come to pick her. While Awena happily jumping around, playing with different kind of games set by the trainer, Aelig was busy guiding her sister, I know she wanted so much to participate, but she has to learn that this was for Awena, not for her. At the end of the session, toddlers were asked to follow simple instructions. For example when the music stopped, she had to cuddle up herself; or she has to round herself up like a ball. She didn't really understand what was told compared to other kids, she was more eager to continue playing.

After the baby gym, we have to wait for Aelig. I finally bought her an used push bike. We went to a park to pick up the bike, she was all attracted to it, so happy to have a bike to herself. She took it with her around, afraid to sit on it at the beginning, but now she walks with it. After a morning of baby gym and some push bike, she was finally exhausted. 

Now every Saturday morning, she is happy when I tell her that we are going for baby gym. Way to go girl.

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  1. Anonymous12:55 AM

    This is a great idea! It shows that sometimes, it's worth pushing a bit. Healthy too :-)