Thursday, January 19, 2017

Order and Disorder

With two young kids, the house is constantly in disorder, there are always toys, books, stuffs on the floor. The eldest was not setting an example, and the toddler, she gets on my nerves. 

Her new habit : to choose a cloth, she needs to first empty her drawers. We scolded her, we sweet talked to her, she didn't care, she smiled to us. As if her mischief was nothing.

Hubby built each of us a shoe rack. Everyone was supposed to put their shoes in their own place. I collected a bunch of old shoes from Aelig, but a new pair of boots for Awena, and put them inside a shoes box and placed it in her closet. She found it, took out everything, and displayed them in order, on the floor.

She found a plastic bag filled with saline solution (in France we use these to wash baby's nose when he or she has a flu). She placed them in order.

So she does have the sense of putting things in order, she just doesn't want to put them where they should be.

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