Wednesday, April 12, 2017

When walnut is a dessert

My in laws have been to our place often to help with the DIY projects. When they were here, we usually had a tapas type of Saturday dinner. Over the time I had made almost the same kind of food.

 We usually have these...

 This when I was in the mood to make something visually attractive...

 My in laws brought this because they were cheaper in their place...

 Stuffed mushroom with something, I tried to alternat the stuffing..
I made this, I would like it to be a bit more chruncy, still need improvement...

So one day I was putting all kind of appetizer on the table, and since I know my MIL loves walnut, I purposely put it right in front of her. She was eating everything else except walnut and cheese. I felt weird, but when they had finished other stuffs they moved on to cheese. Then I realized they were following the appetizer-main course-cheese-salad-dessert-coffee kind of sequence. And when we moved on to dessert, I saw my MIL eating walnut, finally. I was like, oh!!!! Walnut in the shell is dessert!!!! When the shell is removed packing with nut mixed it is appetizer.

And I only realized this after living more than 11 years in France??? Oh my.

PS : In Malaysia we can jump from appetizer to dessert then back to appetizer and cheese. So, that's why I still couldn't get why eating in sequence is so important.


  1. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Okay, seriously, with all the respect I have your your in-laws... they are the most anal people ever with food! :-D

    You may like this:

    1. haha, that's a funny one, thanks for the link.

  2. I don't know why French people are so strict with the order of the courses. For Cambodians, we put everything on the table, no entrées, just main course, and on rare occasion we get to have desert.
    In Canada, they eat cheese along with dinner, rarely after the main course. No real order.

    My in laws found strange that I wanted my coffee with desert. They only drink coffee after everything has been eaten.

    They were traditional people, I don't think we would be eating tapas for dinner ever. lol

    1. Same in Malaysia, we don't really have order when we eat. We can jump from appetizer to dessert then back to cheese.