Sunday, September 10, 2017

First week of school

The little one has started to enroll into the French education system since the beginning of September. She was so eager to go to school. I guessed she wanted to do everything just like her big sister.

Back to the school for the eldest, first day of school for the little one.

The big sister had no problem integrating into her new class, as her three closed friends are in the same class. Everyday she told me that she is so happy to go back to school.

 Happy to go to school

Ok I didn't know kids start learning computer skills at kindergarten level

Things turned out differently for the little one. The first day we sent her to her class, she was exploring the classroom without problems. We waved goodbye and she just smiled at us, whereas a little girl one age older than her (they are sharing the same class between 3 and 4 year old), had problem letting go of her mother. I picked her up after school and she was all fine.

Surprisingly, she was all gloomy the second day. She refused to wake up, saying that she was sick, and the whole morning laying down on the sofa didn't want to eat breakfast. She kept saying that she didn't want to go to school. I didn't know what to do. The big sister didn't have this problem at all. She went to school 6 months younger than her little sister now, and since the first day staying after school till we picked her up at 6:30pm. For certain people the school day was too long for her but she never complained.

I decided to bring the little one to school as I had to sent the eldest anyway. I told her that if her teachers agreed that she could go home, I would bring her home since I worked from home that day. However, when I told the teacher about her situation, the teacher insisted that she stayed. She held her little hand, brought her to a corner and introduced her to new friends. The little one burst in tears hearing that she had to stay. I turned cold turkey and walked away. It was the right choice, as in the evening when I picked her up, she was ok. Her teacher said that she was a bit disturbed eating in the canteen. In the evening she kept telling us that she vomited in my car, which was not true, I didn't know where she got the idea.

Wednesday had half day school, they were both happy to go, and happy to see me when I picked them up. The little one even tried to sing us a song with hand gesture, I guessed she learnt it from school.

Thursday and Friday were big days for me. My company had moved to a new location since Monday, and I was going there for the first time since I worked from home at the beginning of the week to be able to send and pick up the kids on time. The school gate for the eldest opens at 8h35, but the little one only at 8h45. I was afraid to arrive too late at work, so I arranged that a parent with whom both her kids in the same class as mine would take care of them as soon as she arrives at the gate. They had to stay after school so I had to prepare a snack for them. But surprisingly, the snack box was untouched in the little one's school back so she didn't have her snack. On Friday the other mother told me that it seems that parents have to put the snack box in a different location, and she was going to ask for me as her kids didn't need to stay in the garderie after school. Till now, I didn't know what happened, the little one said she did have her snack, but the snack box was missing...

It seems that we parents have problem getting used to the new school year...


  1. I hear you! It's hard to get used to a new routine and it's always stressful. You gotta make sure the kids are happy in school, that the schedule works for you, that you are on board with the "projet pédagogique"... Ugh.

    I miss the French education system, though. I never thought I'd write that, but I do!

    1. Sometimes I was surprised when reading about your experience about Mark going to school, for example school went bankrupt. I find that in general kindergartens and elementary schools here are well organised.

  2. My daughter has started la maternelle petite section as well. I wonder if she has gained a year or not. I didn't find the info for the age limit to be admitted in Ontario (Canada) but I've learned in Québec, they need to be a certain age before September 30th.

    So technically, my daughter has gained a year ahead but I'm not sure. She will turn 3 on November 21st.

    I have noticed that my daughter has been difficult lately. At first she was asking everyday : on va à l'école demain? And today, she didn't feel enthusiastic about it. Refusing to get dressed and screaming.

    She also had fever on Wednesday, which didn't help. (throat infection). I only noticed that kids seem to be nice with little ones. I hope she will get used to school quickly.

    My daughter refused to eat one day at the Cantine, but I don't know the rest of the week. We have very little information about how the day went. Oh well, no longer at daycare, we have to get used to it.

    1. I think she did gain a year, like my eldest who was born in Dec. If I understand well it is about the year your kid is born, like every kids born in 2014 would go to PS this year. So potentially you could have a kid that is almost 1 year older than another in the class (born in Jan vs born in Dec).