Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The Magical Moments

One morning, while I was sleeping, hubby sneaked into the dressing and got something out of it.  I opened my eyes, he waved something to me and said : "I almost forgot!". Half sleeping, I didn't know what he was referring to. He went to wake up the little one and then I heard she screamed out loud. "I got a gift! The mouse gives me a gift!". I finally understood what was going on. She lost a tooth the night before, and hubby has bought some gifts waiting for the moment to come. Here it was, she put the tooth under the pillow and hubby went in to replace the tooth with a gift. What a magical moment for her!

The other day, she got two loosening upper front teeth, and she was very anxious. Her sister claimed that she can communicate with the mouse so she has got some questions from the little one.

"Big sister, if I lose two teeth at the same times, do you think the mouse will send me two presents?"

"No, you will only get one, as it will be too heavy for the mouse to carry two presents at once. If I were you, I would just put one tooth under my pillow, and put another one the night after, so that you get one present each time."

"Ok. Can you use your brain to tell the mouse that I would like to have a Harry Porter wand?"

"Yes, sure."

And there you go, one tooth fell. She put it in a container and put it under her pillow. As usual, hubby took the container and replaced it with a present.

Around one week after, during one evening, her other tooth was half falling. She tried to pull it out as it was hurting her. I helped but in vain. She reiterated that she wanted to take it out not because she wanted a gift, but because she was tired of having a tooth half hunging. Finally, her sister helped by twisting it. 

And voilà her without her two front teeth!

The little one with the gift from the mouse (her daddy actually)

I was chatting with the elder one, and we were discussing about the moment Santa Clause was dropping the present on Christmas Eve. I wonder when should we tell the truth, that Santa doesn't exist. She told me it was really a magical moments for them, and I shouldn't spoiled it. We had a neighbor dressed up as Santa for Christmas 2020. While the little one was really excited about all the presents, she suspected something as she can see that the beard on Santa was a fake one. Recently, her classmates told her that Santa was actually her parents, but her sister reassured her. I agreed that Santa, the mouse, the Easter rabbit are all helping to create magical moments for the kids. I hoped she could accept it well when she discovers the truth.

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