Sunday, November 06, 2005

Affirmative Action is needed in France

I know I know, they have been provided with many helps, but yet they are not satisfied.

The fact is, human in weak position not always know how to climb up the social ladder, they need others to help them.

I feel that the French authority should start having some affirmative action to these poor neighborehood. They should create small business association which provide capital and skill to the residents. In that case, the residents here will have their own business, which they can then hire the locals (since other business don't want to hire them). If these businesses can lead to success, they can provide a huge inspiration and motivation to the entire poor neighborehood. Also, the local business owners will not tolerate voilence which will destroy their hard work.

When more poors become successful, they can venture into other part of the country. Once they have their strength in the businessworld, others can't ignore them. The French have to then accept them and do business with them.

The same is happening in Malaysia. The minority consists of 6/10 richest people in Malaysia. They have their business strength. If is the majority that feel threathen. They majority even feel being discriminated in finding a job bcos they don't speak the languages speak by the minority so they couldn't work in businesses that deal with the minority.

Therefore, for minority to gain status in a country, they have to first gain economy status. Only then people will respect you.

Come on, we are in a world that respect money more than anything.

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