Sunday, November 06, 2005

France: The dream country of the poor

If you are poor in France, the government give you free housing. If you are unemployed, they give you allowance. If you are handicaped, you got more helped. If you have kids, you are entitiled to monthly payment from the government. When you are students, you get all kind of discount, from housing allowance to transportation.

This looks like too good to be true to a minority Malaysian like me.

And yet, those who are having all these helps are not happy. They want more. They want the government to give them jobs. They claimed that the society is discriminated against them.

If I were them, I will try my best to go to university, as it is almost free and every French is entitle to enter. If with some reason I can't, and only have high school diploma, I will try my best to find a job and climb up from there. If the local don't want to hire me, I will start with very very low job, like cleaning job, supermarket job, constraction job. I will work very hard so people can trust me, when they trust me they will accept me. Once they accept me, whenever there is better opportunity, they will try to give me the chance. Maybe this is a dream in France? These youth who claimed that they are being discriminated had tried all these but yet they couldn't find a job?

For the society to accept you, you have to first let them trust you. If you keep having trouble, you can't blame other to look at you differently.

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