Tuesday, April 11, 2006

From the CPE see the mentality of the French youth

The CPE, a new French employment law for the youth who are less than 26, is suspended due to the massive demonstration. This law was introduced by the Prime Minister in Jan 2006, and it was passed by law in Mar. More than have of the universities in France have been blocked by their students, who decided to stop the class and go on strike. Eventhough this law is gone today, some students have voted to continue the blockage.

This law was introduced to combat the high unemployment among the youth: around 24%, the highest among the European countries. It was said to be able to create more job for the young. However, it has an unjustice element: the employer can lay off the employee within 2 years of the employment without giving any explanation.

There are certainly pros and cons in this law. What I want to point out is the youth's mentality. They are not the group of person who are directly affected, as they are still in the school. Those who are currently unemployed,
are actually pro the law so that they can find a job. The students, who has not been out in the real working world, think that this law will only give disadvantages to them. If they are unemployed, the government will give them some money, they will not go hungry. So, there is no urge for them to work. What they want is a job that will give them security for the rest of their live.

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