Friday, April 14, 2006

They are going to lose one school year! Oh my god!!

The France government has withdrew the unpopular employment law: the CPE. Lots of people thought that would be the end of the demonstrations and the strikes, that the students will now go back to the class. They are wrong!!

In my university, there were supposed to have a secret voting session to determine whether the students want to resume their cours or not. They failed to do that because a group of aggressive students blocked the entrance to the Pole Etudant where they were going to vote. As a result, students who want to continue the blockage and the one who want to resume their cours were having some arguement outside the Pole Etudiant. Since there are voting session, that means they will not have the final examinations, that they are actually going to lose their school year!

One week ago, the president of the university sent the students a letter, asking them to come to vote on 13 April. This action is necessary as many think that the students who came to vote last week (with the result that they will continue the blockage) were not really representing the majority of the students. Students who actually want to resume their class are scared to show up in the General Assembly as they are many students who are aggressive and who want to continue the blockage.

What a waste! One year! Those foreign students are so unluckly! The money and time they have invested are worthless now.

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