Saturday, August 19, 2006

Do you pee in your garden?

Growing in Malaysia, I have heard of so many people telling their kids to pee in the garden. I was told that it is a good fertilizer for the plants. I was laughed at when I told my boyfriend about this. His father, with gardening as his hobby, was surprised when I told him.

Ok, why then in Malaysia people do this? It doesn't seem like the plant was drying from the pee.

Did some research. I was right. Urine can be a good fertilizer. Go figure yourself.

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  1. Bee Ean, congratulations on your marriage! Eh, I haven't been to comeherelah in quite a while so wasn't aware of important events like your marriage and Mong Joo's new baby! :-(

    Also I never realized you had a blog! Heheh. I have a few blogs myself.

    Of course lah pee is good for ferlizing, afterall the main ingredient for most fertilizers is urea!!