Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My civil wedding

We are going to get married 3 times. The first one, our civil wedding, went well.

It was a sunny day. We have 22 close family and friends going to the town hall with us. Everything was very well organized. Apparently Fabien's mother has planned and coordinated with everyone long time ago. I wore the wedding gown belong to Fabien's mother (she wore it 28 years ago). His brother designed the bouquet and decorated the tables with flowers. Here is the flow of the event:

1. Welcome by the Mayor
2. Mayor explaining the law of the marriage
3. Moment of saying "I do"
4. Poem with traditional theme about Brittany by the two grandmothers
5. A chinese song by a friend while her husband played guitar
6. Signing the marriage contract by all parties including the witnesses

7. Everybody sings the song "Quand on n'a que l'amour"
8. Poem by Fabien's mother

During the ceremony, musics were played including traditional chinese and brittany musics. A Malaysian flag and a Brittany flag were on the table.

After the ceremony, everybody went to Fabien's parents house for the "Vin d'honneur" or appetizer. We have also photos session with the guests. Some guests left while some stayed for the dinner. I wore a traditional Malay dress, baju kebaya during the dinner. My favorite dish is the wedding cake, made by Fabien's mother, decorated by his father. We did "yamsheng" like in Malaysia.


  1. Dearest Bee Ean Tee,

    First of all.. felicitation on your wedding! Tahniah!

    I am a Malaysian-Indian and my fiance is French. We are staying in Lannion, Bretagne and there is another malaysian chinese and indian too!

    I am in the process applying for my visa to get register in France.. and i must say.. there are a lot useful informationin your blog. Thanks!

    I can understand when you say abt living in Britanny, it was the same for me having low self-esteem but you did right by making friends. Thats what i did and now they are more than friends...

    I am sure you will be able to make your way to success in France with your beloved husband beside!


    Tana Dairyar

  2. Hi Tana,

    Congrats for your incoming wedding. Please email me if you want to chat more.


  3. Hello Bee

    I'm a Malaysian too! Married to a French too! Saya orang Melayu :)
    But we aren't in France though. We're in either England/Australia depending on times of the year.
    I remember the paperwork with the French embassy was very tedious!! And we still have yet to complete our registration cos we got married in Msia, not in France or England. So, my story is a bit different..

    Where did you meet your husband? ;)

  4. Hi Rina,

    Tks for dropping by. About me and my husband's story, please go to

    Thanks and have a nice day

    Bee Ean

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    Thank you so much.