Sunday, February 01, 2009

No Eiffel Tower Cognac this time

Every time I go back to Malaysia I got a request to bring home this Eiffel Tower XO. Since Malaysians Chinese love Cognac and the Eiffel Tower is well known in the world, it becomes an elegant present to friends and families especially during Chinese New Year.

I usually buy this in the CDG Airport and bring it with me as a cabin luggage. Due to the new regulations about the limited liquid that we can bring on to the cabin, I consulted with the flight attendance before buying it. Unfortunately, I was told that since the flight was going to Amsterdam, the flight from Paris is considered a domestic flight so that we would need to go through security check in again and thus the Eiffel Tower risk being confiscated. The stewardess encouraged me to buy alcohol in Amsterdam instead. That means we were going to get a windmill XO instead of an Eiffel Tower XO.

But why is the airport put on this signboard saying that everything we buy in this zone is authorized to bring into the cabin? Isn't it miss leading?

Sadly, we had no Eiffel Tower nor windmill this time as our flight got delayed and once we arrived at Amsterdam we had to rush to catch our connecting flight.

What a messy and disappointing experience!

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