Monday, February 16, 2009

We are back

We got back on a sunny day in Nantes. Despite the nice weather my body needs time to adjust to the cold and the three layer clothes ritual again. Funny it was never a problem for me to adapt to the hot weather in Malaysia.

I slept throughout most of the trip back. Since I don't really care about the in flight entertainment I didn't feel frustrated without the personal screen with movies and games. On the contrary, hubby was complaining during the whole flight back with KLM as the flight attendance kept forgetting to serve him with meals and drinks. As a conclusion we will try to avoid KLM as much as possible.

Of course we brought back a lot of things including food and clothes. In fact I have reduced the quantity of things I wanted to bring back but my family had given us a lot of homemade cookies.

We even got a 1978 old tea from our neighbor as a souvenir.

There was an episode that really broke my heart when we were going to the airport. There was only one car and the kids were rushing into the car as they were excited to go to the airport. Eventually, with 3 kids and 5 adults my father was left out of the car as there was no space available. He got angry and disappointed and walked inside the house. I got stuck in the car and quickly asked Fabien to follow him. Under my sisters persuasion he finally came back and we had to asked two kids to get out of the car. Finally he went with us to the airport. My parents were sad but after hearing that we are coming back next year, they managed to control their emotion. Well, now we need to make sure we can make the trip home again next year.


  1. Hi Bee Ean,

    Glad you are back in France with lots of food :-)
    (Yah..we do it sometimes too)

    but I think like most EU countries, France has food import rules and most of these stuffs are likely to be on the NO list (I know..they don't usually check).

    Putting these all up (and you are non blogging anonymously), is probably not such a good idea :-p


  2. Anonymous2:23 AM

    But surely cooked, canned and preserved items are ok...

    It'd be interesting to see what customs will and will not allow in France...

    Anyway, enjoy the food:)

  3. casper,

    Hmm I have not thought about this. I'm actually not sure which food won't pass the control as they are all nicely packed. The pork jerky was vacuum packed. Besides, would they read my blog and fine me after I passed through the custom?


    For sure they won't allow fruits meat and plants but for me these food I brought home shouldn't have problem to pass through the custom.