Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A dive in the Mediterranean sea

Despite the shining sun and the blue sea, I was bored to death in Estartit. After two days, I have wandered in most of the streets and even climbed up the mountain to have a panoramic view of the stunning Mediterranean sea. The rest of the week I had nothing else to do so I decided to go on the boat with hubby one day just to see how a dive goes.

We departed from this harbour

Passing by these two rock islands

Briefing of the diving areas before jumping into the water

Every first level diver is accompanied by an instructor

Well waiting for hubby I was accompanied by this cute little dog who seemed to enjoy herself with the view.

Everyone is underwater now but the bubbles on the surface show their positions

Everyone is back after around 45 minutes of dive

Some divers have underwater camera so I managed to see the undersea view. They saw a fish with only one tooth, it just cracked me down. :-)

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  1. Aiyah, so rugi lah you didn't know how to dive!! Hehe, as for me, forget about diving, I can't even swim!! My husband dives, and I know how you feel!