Thursday, May 14, 2009

The slanted eyed Chinese

Since there are not many Asians in my community, I sometimes get stared at especially from kids. I didn't know this applies in Spain as well.

When I was in Estartit, I was walking towards a Spanish boy who was around 5 years old. He was looking at me from far and when I was almost passing him, he slanted his eyes at me.

I was not offended at all but it is just something to ponder upon: Why does he know to do this eyes gesture when he sees an Asian? Do they teach this now in the school?


  1. hannah montana...she taught them.

  2. I also don't know. I also want to know..

  3. yes hanna montana....;-) I am a Malaysian, moved to the South of France in January ans since then been reading your blogs for some pointers in understanding the culture, people and country. Have to say that I enjoy what you have written thus far. Its comforting to know that what I am feeling is natural, as it's shared by others living in this country.

  4. I've had this encounter once in Germany. I was speechless then...