Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One month pregnant & we already had to do all these...

We went for a doctor visit to confirm my pregnancy.

Doctor: "You are one month pregnant, expecting a Christmas baby. Now, let me tell you things you have do.
- First, register with a hospital/clinic that you would like to have the labor.
- Second, take appointment for your first ultrasound.
- Third, register with your local government run daycare center.
- Fourth, prepare documents to inform the government agencies about your pregnancy."

We were overwhelmed. I thought she was over worried so I didn't pay much attention. Hubby went online, browsed through forums to compare the 4 hospital/clinics in Nantes. About two weeks later he chose the Clinique Jules Verne. He called the clinic and was informed that they are fulled for the whole month of December! How did those people managed to reserve a bed then? They called when they were one week pregnant?

I got awaken by this news. Ok maybe In Nantes we just need to act fast. So I quickly called the second clinic in our list. Luckily the secretary informed us that they have plenty of rooms and I do not have to worry too much. However, for the first ultrasound, they were fully book on the Saturdays I wanted. Since the doctor said I have to do this between 11 to 13 weeks of pregnancy, we had no choice but both me and hubby had to take a day off.

As for the daycare center, there are three in our community with about 70 spots. The one closest to us closes on Wednesday, so it doesn't really suit our need. We were immediately discouraged by these information. They are so many babies in our areas, how can we fit into these 70 spots? We should we put the baby on Wednesday? We concluded that we should instead get a baby sitter. Friends told us that even for a baby sitter, we need to book early as in some cities the demand is higher than supply.

Gosh, so much work to do at 1.5 months, we are not even having the baby yet.


  1. Please promise me that you are going to carefully document this blessed event. It's going to make a great book!

  2. Congrats on your good news. And I thought Sydney, Oz was bad. I had to book a ob/gyn and hospital too when I found out I was pregnant, then when baby was born, place her name down at several childcare centres due to long waiting lists and also private schools as well.

  3. Congratulation!

  4. Yep, welcome to France. ;) I was in the same situation as you like 'what's the big hurry?' at first and then quickly realised that we have to act like kiasu in France when it comes to maternity and crèche.

  5. Congratulations on such great news!
    I think in Germany the situation on the daycare centre is not any better. Heard that waiting lists are always very long to get a place here :( . Good luck to both of you and keep us updated :) !