Sunday, December 06, 2009

One month to go

Our daughter will join us in a month and it is amazing how much she has influenced our life even though she is still stuck in the stomach.

First of all, I don't sleep sound like before. During the third trimester I snore a lot due to the blocking airway, and that disturbs hubby's sleeping pattern. Then, it is getting hard to change sleeping position, not to mention that she wakes me up when she does hiccup. By the way, a lot of older generation didn't know about baby hiccup, but most of the young mothers told me that they did experience baby hiccup during pregnancy.

Then, my feet got swollen so it becomes a bit uneasy to walk around. During the day, I keep telling myself to drink plenty of water, making sure I eat somethings rich with calcium and protein, never skipping a meal.

Whenever we plan about trips here and there, we need to consider there will be a baby to think about. We have to contact the in laws for possible baby sitting help.

My doctor asked me to go for the H1A1 vaccination, it I was alone I won't even bother about this, now I need to consider protecting the baby.

The immediate dilemma is how to organize for the coming Christmas celebration. We don't know when the baby decides to come so for sure we won't be able to travel to my in laws place so instead they have to come over. They are not quite comfortable with our lodging arrangement though. Well, in our tiny apartment we couldn't provide everyone with a bed so it is something we still need to deal with. I wonder if every household has so much space at home to welcome their guests for big events.

The baby is becoming the center of our life even before she is born. Wow.


  1. courage, the last month is the longest

  2. Bee - put a pillow under your knees when you go to sleep. It helps with the swelling and tiredness.
    Do you have a maternity pillow? Or a small pillow to put under tummy when you sleep on your side helps.

  3. V hiccups inside all the time but she doesn't turn much or do a lot of kicking - a very good baby who stayed in the oven until I finished my exams in Nantes and delivered her 4 days later in Paris after I told her it's ok if she wants to come out and play with us now. Indeed she did - came 12 days earlier. My midwife thot I was rather crazy woman. She was head down already when I was 5 months pregnant and stayed that way. Well she make up for her lack of kicking right now bcos she can't stay still in one place for long. :)