Sunday, January 31, 2010

Confinement food: ginger

I'm done with the confinement food, but just want to share here what I actually ate.

Well, lots and lots of ginger, finely chopped and added to any dishes. Ginger is believed to be able to help the body release "wind" from the body, thus preventing me from having arthritis problem when I grow old.

To finely chop it you need to have a very sharp knife. My aunt demanded a knife without teeth, luckily I brought the one I had from US here.

I ate lots of lean pork with ginger. This is the most expensive part of the pork, hubby said I was eating like a rich people.

My mum also sent me this. This is to help regain energy that I lost during labor.

One type of the Chinese herbs I took. My aunt boiled it into soup with some chicken.

I'm glad the confinement month is over. I'm still pampered by aunt by all the Malaysian foods though.

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