Friday, September 24, 2010

9th months

Two days after she turned 8 months, she started to crawl. Now she is venturing into every corner she could reach in the apartment, we need to constantly keep an eye on her.

We have no choice but to put her in a closed playground. She does not stay too long inside, she yells and yells until we come to pick her.

We added French green bean to her diet. You can see that she loves hams, they were added into her mashed potatoes.

She loves to be carried around, so it suits her well to sit on daddy's shoulder.

The highlight of the month is of course her first long distance trip to the Jura Mountain and Switzerland.

She slept most of the time during the journey. When she woke up she got great-grandma on each side waiting to pamper her.

She fit well inside daddy's backpack. She is ready to go hiking with him.

Discovering hiking with us in the Jura Mountain.

Arrived at the destination after 1.5 hours. Bravo Aelig!

Crossing the French border towards Geneva Switzerland. This was the first time both Aelig and the 89 years old grandma visited Geneva. Hubby and me had been there in 2009 when my family visited France.

Posing at the lake Les Rousses overlooking Switzerland.

Visiting a cheese factory. See how many cheeses are stored here for fermentation.

The cheese girl.

This is not an advertisement. Anyhow, if you would like to hire her to endorse your product, please contact me. :-)

Four generation: great-grandma, grandpa, daddy and the little Aelig. She is a lucky girl to have so many family members who love her dearly. The next milestone in her life is to fly over to Malaysia to be with another group of family members. Another family reunion in her agenda!

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