Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Doggy bag in France: yes or no?

I found it funny that sometimes I could do things that hubby won't simply because I'm not French. He won't do it because "ça se fait pas" = not a common practice in France.

Example, our grandma treated us to a fine Indian restaurant during our vacation. Both of the grandmas are not big eaters resulting in a lot of leftover. We finished their plates but there were still lots of rice untouched. Those were very delicious rice and I didn't want to waste it. When the waiter approached us, I nicely requested a doggy bag and he agreed immediately.

Once the waiter left, one grandma told me that she would never asked because in France they do not ask for a doggy bag in restaurant no matter how much food left. They all admired my courage to do this as they think it was the right thing to do.

Well, sincerely I do not see this as problem. I know it is not common in France, but I would rather ask then waste the food, plus the waiter could very well rejected my request if he felt reluctant. Instead, he properly packed the rice and it served us well for the next dinner.

We don't always have to do what the French do, do we?

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