Thursday, October 08, 2009

Air Asia gets landing rights in Paris!

This is great news! The French president has agreed to grant landing rights to Air Asia in Paris after his official meeting with the Malaysia Prime Minister. Air Asia always offers good deal with attractive price, hopefully going back to Malaysia is less costly when Air Asia starts operating the KL - Paris leg.

Well, the flights will land in Orly Airport, less convenient to take the direct train to Nantes, but still, this is a good news.


  1. It's actually MORE convenient than CDG - there is an Air France bus that goes from Orly to Montparnasse and it's quicker, cheaper and easier than going from CDG to Montparnasse. Plus Orly is a much smaller airport, so you can't get lost and you're in and out a lot faster. I always fly into Orly now when I have the choice.

  2. That's definitely great news as it will create competition which hopefully results in more interesting prices. At the moment, only MAS flies direct to KL from Paris.

  3. Samantha,

    There are train linking CDG airport to Nantes, so it is quite convenient. We do not have to pass through Montparnasse.

    Hi Pei Ling,
    Nice meeting you too.

    Yes agree with you, hopefully the flight will start operating soon.