Thursday, February 24, 2011

14 months

Most of Aelig's 13th to 14th month were spent in Malaysia. The most important purpose for this trip was to spend times with my family there.

Family gatherings always come with food. This time we gathered at a mamak stall.

On a day trip to Teluk Intan and Pangkor Island, we stopped by enjoying some durians.

Gathering at a friend's house, she got to meet some of the little friends.

Meeting her cousins, she plays a lot with her cousin "Princess".

Beside meeting with family and friends, she got to try out some Malaysian cuisines.

Enjoying her roti canai, Malaysians and her dad's all time favorite.

Discovering her grandma porridge. She ate a full bowl each time, I hope she gained some weights from this trip.

Trying out Agar-agar, one type of Malaysian desserts, the French hate it.

Savoring durian, the stinky fruit. She accepted it well.

She also got to simmer in Chinese New Year celebrations' atmosphere.

Curious about the lion dance.

Stayed up late to join our praying ceremony. I think she went to sleep around 1am. We continued the feast until 3am. She was happily running around, watching everyone preparing for the praying moment, didn't scare at all the firecrackers around.

She was greeted by the Money God but she refused to let him get closer. Too bad she could have gotten an ang pao from him.

It is unlikely that she would remember all these adventures in Malaysia but hopefully this experience exposes her to her other half of roots.

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