Saturday, February 12, 2011

White man drinks beer

We were visiting my cousin when this incident occured.

Cousin: Do you want some beer?
Hubby: No.
Cousin came with a glass of Tiger Beer and put it in front of hubby.
Hubby starring and whispering to me: But I said no!
Me: Yah, in Chinese culture, when someone says no, sometimes it means yes. They are just trying to be nice. Since you are white man, we presume all white men like beer.
Hubby: Then how do you express yourself when you really want to say NO?
Me: I don't know actually...

It is so normal for me to refuse something and still get it and I will just eat / drink whatever people offer me without giving much thought...

I discussed this with some people and the conclusion, if you really want to refuse something, you need to come out with some excuses. For example:
A: Do you want some beer?
B: No thanks, I'm on medicine.
A: Do you want to try this?
B: No, my stomach is complaining...

Ok, it seems like we need to lie to be able to get away...

1 comment:

  1. Ok, try this one.

    A: Do you want beer?
    B: Nah, it's 11am and I woke up not a long time ago so that would make this beer my breakfast and I rarely get a beer for breakfast.

    Would this work? (b/c this is what happened :)