Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring. Picnic. Playground

Spring is a good time to introduce Aelig to picnic.

The first time we went for picnic with family.

Today it was so sunny so we went picnic again. See how she enjoy her milk facing a beautiful scenery.

She loves playing slide with daddy and...

torturing daddy by horse ridding on his back.

I noticed that kids and senior citizens here love young children. On the way to the bakery or outdoor market, old people would stare at Aelig with a friendly and lovely smile and some would approach her and talk to her. When kids see Aelig they approach her and keep saying "oh a little girl!". Once at a playground, a girl around 2.5 years old was "protecting" Aelig from her own little brother. The little brother was playing with Aelig's ball and each time she would grab it back and return it to Aelig. She also sat down in front of Aelig and both starred at each other. It was very sweet.

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