Sunday, April 24, 2011

16th month

My toddler is 16 months old and during her 16th month, there is one thing I notice: she starts having desires and asking for things.

She asks for a share whenever she sees us eating.

She wants to eat by herself. This time we were outside so we let her had her yogurt. Result: she was dirtying herself like a pig.

I brought her to a playground and she was having this face expression. Is she envying something? My heart melted to see her like this.

She was looking at a group of kids playing on the slide.

I was too scared to let her try as the slide was quite high and I'm not tall enough to hold her from the top. So I dragged hubby with me the following day, him guiding her on top and me waiting on the ground, even though it was raining. On the way home, we laughed at each other and concluded that we could do anything just to make her happy.

Since then hubby has been bringing her to another playground where they have a slide for little kids closer to Aelig's age. She now plays with confidence.

Her desire to tell us that she wants independence? These days, she wants to walk at her own path and ventures into things she is curious. We were walking in a park, she decided that she was going to stop to play with the grass. We continued for quick a distance hoping that she would eventually catch up with us, but no, she was sitting there playing without any hesitation. We were the one surrendered, her grandma went back to pick her up.

Easter holiday, she got a bunch of chocolates, luckily, she was willing to share with people, when instructed.

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