Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aelig on vacation with grandparents

Aelig is on vacation with her grandparents. We received daily update from them. Here is what we got this morning, and grandma always put Aelig as the first person:

Good morning mom & dad,
I'm doing well.

Yesterday, I went to the beach: it was great, I like especially the waves, they made me fell down several times and one entirely covered my body. It was my baptism.

I ate very well: I love the grilled sardines and the potatoes with butter. I took a bottle of milk morning and evening, 230ml this morning.

Grandpa and grandma avoid saying mom & dad as I would quickly look around, but you guys were not there. Yesterday while doing grocery shopping with grandpa, I thought I saw dad and I called "papa" to a man with long hairs.

Big big kiss to both of you.


Here another update from granddad:

Good evening,
After her walk with her grandma, she came helped me collect the apples fell on the floor. It was very convenient as she passed easily under the low branches and she understood immediately what she should do. At the end she wanted to pick an apple directly from the the tree but she looked at me and she realized that she was going to do a bad thing...
Later, she helped grandma watering the flowers, in fact she played with the garden hose.
She ate well and she asked to go to the bed at 9pm.
Tomorrow will be another day...

Big kisses to both of you, this time we are three with her, yes!.

Grandpa & grandma (tonight she said mamanpoutette to distinguish from papoutette)

Note: Grandpa & grandma would like Aelig to call them papounet & mamounette respectively but Aelig still couldn't quite get the pronunciation so she would call both poutette.

Grandpa & grandma's love to Aelig has always given me mixed feeling. I had never known my grandparents as they passed away before I was born. During my childhood I envied friends with grandparents: they got extra pocket money, candies, nice clothes, vacation...

I'm happy that Aelig could enjoy good times with her grandparents. Hubby was bitter that he was not the first one seeing her reaction in water. As for me, even though I miss her dearly, the most important thing is that she is joyful at every moment.


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