Monday, August 15, 2011

A song to Mamig for her 90th birthday

Recently we celebrated the 90th birthday of hubby's grandma. We call her Mamig. Most family members were there including her 15 great grand children.

A cousin was in charge to have all the great grand children to sing a song to Mamig. When she explained the song to Aelig, she didn't like the original idea.

A: This seems lame. We should do it differently so that Mamig would laugh while listening to us.
Cousin: What do you have in mind?

Aelig: Hey everyone, listen to me, there is a change in the plan, we would do it this way. Just follow me.
Everyone: Ok chef.

Aelig: You should hold the paper this way, and the lyric, I have corrected it...

Aelig: Do you all understand?
Everyone: Yes.
Aelig; Ok now let's start.
Everyone sings: "Mamig, you are ne ne never tired, we love you..."

Aelig: Mamig, did you enjoy our presentation?

Mamig: Yes, I love it very much, you all are very very sweet, now come give me a kiss.

Happy birthday Mamig!!!

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