Tuesday, September 06, 2011

4 year old driving a car, for real?

A Chinese girl around 4 - 5 years old was driving on the road while her parents guiding her. While driving, she was singing, asking questions and at one point was even passing other cars. The video was uploaded online in many sites and created heated discussions especially among the Chinese community in the USA. French MSN news was reporting this too.

Here's what I saw in the video:
A girl was driving a car, judging from the voice, her mother sat on the front passenger seat and her father was sitting on the back passenger seat right behind her. She was singing and talking and looked at ease, she controlled well the car steering. The parents chatted with each other from time to time. She drove for around two minutes.

Conversations with her parents:
Girl singing or talking (I have problem understanding her): "la la la..."
Mother: "Drive your car nicely, Jia zheng".
Girl: "Have the flowers blossomed?"
Father: "Just drive your car". Realizing that she was passing cars, "Pay attention while passing cars".
At this time the car in front was turning left, the girl moved the car to the right land and continue driving.
After passing the traffic light, the father was persuading her to stop and let him drive: "Ok stop stop. Let daddy drive. Hurry, hurry, let daddy drive." Girl stopped the car on the road side and a man came out from the back passenger seat.
Girl: "What are you doing?"
Father: "Let daddy drive ok."
Girl moved over to the front passenger seat, onto her mother's knee.
Father bent down to collect two woods serving as extension to the brake and accelerator pedals and threw them on the floor of the front passenger seat.
Once the father settled down in the car the mother said "Let's go".

Now I wonder if this is for real. I googled in Chinese and many news on TV and newspapers were talking about it. Majority of readers condemned the parents as irresponsible and commented that the act had created danger to other road users. A police man regretfully said that there was nothing they could do as they could not punish drivers under 14 years old. They could only punish the parents if an accident happens.

It seems real. Judging from how at ease the little girl was, this should not be the first time she drove on the road. How scary!


  1. Hi Bee Ean!How are you? I'm Jeslyn from Malaysia, actually I've been follow your blog a year ago, but I'm so shy to write you a comment because i'm not very good in english^^ I came back from France a week ago, and i miss it,and I found out you live in Ouvault and is not far from St-brieuc(the state in Bretagne,my friend house his name is Evan)that I used to stay for a month~ I've asked Evan to view your blog , and we like it very much^^ Because your husband is French and you're Malaysian, so is the same situation with us, so that's why we are so interested about what you write in your blog^^

  2. Hi Jeslyn, you have good command in English, so please write more comments. :-) Yes, I know St-brieuc, I passby this place everytime I go to hubby's grandmas. I heard it is a very beautiful place but haven't have chance to visit it. Nice "meeting" you and Evan.


    Bee Ean