Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid Autumn festival & mooncakes

Mid Autumn festival is celebrated on the 15th day of August according to the Lunar calendar. During the evening family members among the Chinese community gather together to enjoy some mooncakes and appreciate the full shinning moon. This year it falls on 12 Sept.

While looking for mooncake photos I realized that the Chinese too have talents in baking. Mooncakes existed since 3000 years ago but sadly it still stays within the Asian community. We could easily find western pastries in Asian countries but not the other way round.

Some people tried to be creative so they invented black chocolate mooncakes. They are usually expensive, I have not tried them yet.

Even Haagen Dazs is selling mooncakes. I'm not sure I would consider it as mooncake as it only has the shape but not the taste. This chocolate ice cream mooncake doesn't have any traditional mooncake ingredients in it.

Durian mooncake is quite popular in South-East Asia, will try it one day if I have chance.

My favorite is still the double egg yolks mooncake. In my hometown there is a bakery who produces tons of mooncakes for export purposes. They usually start making them one month before the festival and we got to eat some from time to time. It sure brings back a lot of memory: the smell, the making process, the packaging...

Kids love Mid Autumn festival as they get to play with lanterns. Lanterns these days come in different shapes and colors, usually with famous cartoon characters. During my time, I would get a coconut shell, cut it into half and put a candle on it. We formed a group and have a parade in our neighborhood. We usually did it during the night and older kids would tell ghost stories to scare off the little ones...

Happy Mooncake festival to my beloved friends and family. I assure you that the moon in France is as round as the one you could see from Malaysia.

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