Thursday, November 24, 2011

Aelig 23th month

One more month before she turns two.

One of her favorite activities: reading. These days, she would come sit beside, holding one book, then pass another one to me and order:"maman, kan shu" (mom, read). I said it is an order because if I don't read with her, she cries.

She even ordered her grandparents to read with her. She asked them to sit on the floor, as she has gotten used to do it at home. Well, according to hubby, his family consider that the floor is dirty so they only sit on sofa or chair. True, my FIL announced that he has pain on his back as he was not used to sit in that position.

Our CE (Committee in the company who organizes trips, gives discount tickets and other benefits to employees) proposed half price entrance ticket to the Aquarium in Saint Malo. Since she recognizes fishes and loves eating them, we brought her there. She was fascinated at so many fishes at the beginning, but was bored after a while.

She uses this small chair to look over the counter top, mainly to do mischief like stealing a biscuit, grabbing food on the table, transferring silver wares from the drawer to everywhere else in the apartment.

She is a party girl now. Since a while ago she refused to go to bed even after 10pm. This week she finally found her way to get out of the bed. Two nights consecutively she climbed out of her crib (from her crib she is accessible to the door handle and the light switch) and rejoined us in the living room. I let her played for 10 minutes more then put her to bed. We think she is ready for a real bed. Time for bed shopping.


  1. We always switched the girls from the crib to real beds around the age of 2. We even customized the bed of Maureen (

    Seems so long ago now.

  2. wow so many book u have...can i borrow one?

  3. My daughter tries to be a party girl too - crying when she can't stay up late with me and her father. I didn't approve of it - mainly since I prefer she sleeps instead of being awake at 10 pm. Only time she is allowed to be awake for so long is if we were travelling or outside. But then, by that time, she would be cranky and demanded to be in bed there and then!